Christian Living in an Immoral World



Dr. Jim Cecy

“Becoming an Ambassadors of Purity: Christian Living In An Immoral World,” (or “Winning the Purity War”) is a fast-paced seminar presenting God’s principles and practical insights regarding personal purity in the midst of rampant immorality.

The following is a synopsis of each of the sections.

Part 1 – A Revival of Purity

God wills that we be pure.  God calls us to be pure.  And God enables us to be pure.  The only issue is whether we want to be pure.  Come have your heart challenged as you learn how to become an Ambassador of Purity in your home, your church and your community.

Men's conferencePart 2 – Understanding God’s Design for Sexual Oneness In Marriage

In the mathematics of marriage 1 + 1=1.  This section deals with the beauty of God’s design for sex in marriage: covenantal oneness, sacred oneness, physical oneness, emotional oneness and spiritual oneness.

Part 3 – The Increase in Man’s Abuses

Not only do we need to see God’s plan for sexual oneness, but also why Christians are able to fall so easily into lustful thoughts and immoral behavior.  It’s a result of five steps downward into sin.  This portion helps you see what those five steps are and what the Bible has to say about them.

Part 4 – Safeguarding My Moral Purity

When it comes to dealing with immorality, there are three lines of defense that God has provided: guarding our minds, guarding our bodies and guarding our companions.  This section will give you practical instruction in how to deal with the temptation that bombards you daily in these three areas.

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