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What others are saying about The Purity War

“What is the biblical teaching concerning moral purity?  What are the consequences of sexual sins?  How can one break the chains of pornography addiction?  How can we prevent our fall in this sin?  How can we disciple our children?  What about the brothers set by God under our influence?  Hard questions, but of primary importance!  Dear servants of God, you hold into your hands an incredible resource which can be a great blessing especially for your own sanctification – extremely practical in what we need to do in order to keep us pure, but also a resource which can be a great blessing for the young adults and for the husbands in our churches!”

  Pastor Dr. Emanuel Tundrea, PhD, Emanuel Baptist Church of Tinca, Romania and Associate Professor at Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania

“Dr. Cecy’s The Purity War is phenomenal! Beautifully written, and strikingly persuasive. This book is full of candid and compelling illustrations, and unique insights into the Scriptures. More than a guide to moral purity in an immoral world; it is a straight-to-the heart invitation to radical Christian obedience that will transform life on every level. It is a book we will get behind, and circulate around the globe.”

Dr. David W. Dorries, Academic Dean and Professor of Historical and Theological Studies, Oslo International Bible College, Oslo, Norway

The Purity War provides a biblical foundation for understanding and overcoming the struggle of soul in sexual matters. Thoughtful, practical, and encouraging, Dr. Cecy offers a clear strategy for holiness. If there is one book to read on this subject, you are holding it in your hands.

Pastor Gregg Cantelmo, Bridgeway Community Church, Phoenix, Arizona

“From his heart to ours, Pastor Jim Cecy has poured his life message into this book. It is written with passion and conviction overflowing from his ministry focus of the last twoplus decades. While so many Christians are straying from God’s standards, this book is a clarion call to righteousness—like the voice of a prophet, calling us back to God.”

Dr. Ken Royer, Director of Pastoral Counseling, Link Care, Fresno, California

“Pastor Jim Cecy goes far beyond equipping and teaching about personal purity; he goes to the very heart of the matter. For many years I have witnessed how numerous lives have been impacted by the biblical principles taught through his seminars. Every Christian can have these solid and practical guidelines as a personal manual . . .”

Pastor Joby Soriano, Christ’s Commission Fellowship, Manila, Philippines

“This is a refreshing treatise on the Biblical call to personal purity.”

Dr. Darryl Delhousaye, President, Phoenix Seminary, Phoenix, Arizona

“Reading through The Purity War is a fresh reminder of what we learned in the live seminars. I especially appreciate the connection between theological accuracy and practical application. Dr. Jim Cecy’s personal concern for those who are struggling is apparent. I am really looking forward to the book being translated into Czech for I know that many are struggling with the issues he addresses.

Peter Lupton, Church Planter, Svitavy, Czech Republic

“The balance between biblical truth and practical application is extremely helpful. This is one the most reliable and relevant books written on the subject of purity.”

Pastor Ron Schafer, Executive Director of S.T.E.P.S., Monument, Oregon


“Dr. Cecy writes with refreshing honesty, giving personal examples of both success and failure, and interweaves it all around the centrality of Scripture for our central focus, reference, and commitment. This book should be part of each of our personal library for our own purity journey, as well as a reference for those we work with, whether it be in church, school or counseling setting.”

Dr. Brent Lindquist, Clinical Psychologist and President, Link Care Center, Fresno, California

“This book obviously comes from one who is deeply concerned for people’s well-being. It is eminently timely since our society is plunging toward its demise in large part because of flouting our Creator’s ways. It may be ‘too little too late’ for society as a whole, but it can certainly help many individuals avoid, and many others find significant healing from violation of basic sexual morality.”

Dr. Gary Tuck, Professor of Biblical Literature and Academic Coordinator, Western Seminary, San Jose, California

“Open. Direct. Highly useful. The Purity War is a living text, filled with rich examples from Scripture and personal testimonies. It is a highly useful and much-needed book, especially in Eastern Europe where the sexual revolution has resulted in our part of the world becoming a major center for the sex-trade industry and 65% of all pregnancies ending in abortion.”

Jaroslaw Lukasik, Director of the Eastern European Leadership Forum

“James Cecy’s book The Purity War powerfully addresses one of the most important topics in the world wide church – purity and holiness. I read chapter after chapter of biblically rich and insightful insights and was convicted time and again. This is a wonderful book which caused me to turn to the Lord and his Word. I am convinced that every Christian leader should read this book first for their own walk with the Lord and then read it again to learn how to help others. Jim has been teaching this content across Europe and is powerfully being used by the Lord to inspire and teach thousands to a closer walk with the Lord!”

Dr. Greg Pritchard, Director, European Leadership Forum and Communication Institute, Lisle, Illinois

“I have no advanced degrees. No fancy titles. However, I am married to the man who wrote this book. I have seen these sound biblical guidelines and practical principles work in his life for forty years of marriage. I can think of no higher endorsement.”

Karon Cecy, Jim’s wife

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