The Pitfalls of Pastoral Power

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This seminar, particularly designed for Christian leaders, focuses on the subject of immorality in the ministry and the major reasons why Christian leaders fall morally.  It provides a Bible examination of the issues and practical principles to help prevent this kind of devastation in the lives of Christian ministers.  The following is a synopsis of each of the sections.

Part 1 – A Revival of Purity

God wills that we be pure.  God calls us to be pure.  And God enables us to be pure.  The only issue is whether we want to be pure.  Come have your heart challenged as you learn how to maintain purity in your ministry.  Today as never before, people in the pews need to see morality modeled in the pulpit.

Part 2 – Drawing the Battle Lines

There is no denying the struggle with immorality facing Christian leaders.  This struggle is fed by a three pronged assault stimulated by the flesh, fueled by the world and prompted by Satan.  The Christian leader is being bombarded continually by his spiritual enemies who seek his moral failure.

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Part 3 – A History of Moral Failure in the Ministry

Immorality has plagued godly ministries through the years.  The Scriptures, both Old and New Testament, give examples of those who fell morally in the midst of their ministry.  Paul prophetically warned the Church that this problem would escalate in the end times (2 Timothy 3:1-8).  Tragic evidence from recent surveys show us that Paul’s prophetic words are coming true within the Church today.

Part 4 – The Conditions Surrounding Moral Failure in the Ministry

The conditions which lead to moral failure in the ministry are often complex.  Research has shown that there are varied circumstances which influence those in ministry to commit immorality.  From the evidence gathered, there are four major conditions that lead to moral failure of which every Christian leader should be aware.

Part 5 – Methodology for Maintaining Personal Purity in the Ministry

Much to the surprise of many in the pews, Christian leaders are human.  They are subject to the same temptations to sin as the rest of humanity.  God has not left those in leadership helpless to face the constant bombardment of immorality.  He has a clearly stated and highly successful plan for building personal purity into our lives.

Part 6 – A Discussion Regarding Restoring Fallen Ministers

Admittedly, the matter of whether the sin of adultery permanently or temporarily disqualifies a pastor from serving in that position is not an easy issue.  There has been much debate about this throughout Christian circles.  Any discussion of this issue, demands that we think through this issue, stepping aside from what our traditions say or our emotions try to dictate.  We must think through this matter clearly and Biblically.

The seminar is typically 6-7 hours in duration.  Most seminars are held as a one day event.  The seminar can be varied to extend over several days for such events as Christian leadership conferences, seminars and courses.

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