Purity War Book 3-DBe equipped to win the purity war—from a thorough presentation of Scripture, church history and from Dr. Jim Cecy’s four decades of ministry. With great sensitivity, biblical clarity, and pastoral passion, he presents:

  • The need for personal purity in an immoral world.
  • The fallacy of the “new morality”— the old immorality with a new name.
  • God’s design for sex as an expression of His oneness.
  • The steps down to the devastating results of moral failure.
  • The lines of defense in the daily battle with immorality.
  • How to guard your mind, your body and each other.
  • How to be made right with God, yourself and others.
  • How to start a revival of purity that lasts for generations.

Jim Cecy Portrait2Includes a detailed Study Guide and an extensive Personal Accountability Program for personal reflection or group study. This book is really two books under one cover: 250 pages of content and a 150-page Study Guide with detailed helps.

To purchase the book in English and other translations, click on this linkhttps://www.puritywar.com/buy-the-book/

Hundreds of thousands of your fellow strugglers on five continents have attended the live seminars. Countless others have listened to the audio presentations. Now you can study for yourself the well-tested tool for becoming an Ambassador of Purity in your home, your church and your community, regardless of where you live.


Men In Action – Equipping Men to Lead in the Home, the Church, and the Community

Men: want to take a deeper step in your relationship with God and learn what it means to be the leader God wants you to be in your home, marriage, work, and church? If so, this workbook will walk you through the different aspects of leadership.  God is calling men to be Men of God, Mighty Men of Valor, and Men in Action.  He desires they be Servant-Leaders.  Click on this link for more information about this in depth study book:  puritywar.com/buy the book  




  1. Debbie

    I have been looking to see if I can order a The Purity War in the UK but unfortunately I cannot locate a copy to purchase. The only copies on sale are in the US and shipping costs have put it way out of my budget range.
    Could you recommend a bookstore in the UK that stocks your book please? I don’t have a kindle to buy the kindle version but would prefer the book anyway.

  2. Mark

    Pastor Jim,
    I don’t yet know you, but I have been so blessed by this teaching. One of the precious young ladies in our church in Chisinau (Victoria) had the privilege of sitting under your teaching when you were here last week. She shared with me all she had gained from it and also the hand-out. Thank you so much for coming to Moldova! Hallelujah, I really needed to hear this and be refreshed in these doctrines, verses, etc. I am a pastor here & just really love your heart to lead God’s people into purity. Praise the Lord for the ministry He’s given you. You’re in our prayers, sir! May God bless & powerfully anoint the rest of your European trip.
    With so much thanks,
    Mark Knowles

  3. Tony Aruta

    Ciao from Naples, Italy, and specifically from Casoria Church. I’m Tony Aruta, one of 2 pastors. From my heart to yours, THANK YOU SO MUCH for have spending precious time with us and your teaching about purity war, day by day, during our Christian life. For us was a great and blessed time. I give thanks to my Lord Jesus and a special thanks – with Big Hugs – Past. Jim, his sweet wife Karon, and to brother Rob and Jack. God bless you all dear brothers during the rest of trip ministry. We love you so much. Past. Tony Aruta

  4. Davy Janca

    I’m putting a church-wide men’s bible study together on The Purity War. We would love to have you over as a guest speaker one of the nights you are available Jim :)) I have been utilizing this curriculum over the last 20 years for youth and adult studies. I HIGHLY recommend it. I just bought the Kindle version as well. We thank the Lord for your hard work in putting this together as well as your diligence to serve the body of Christ to the glory of God!

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