Purity War Book 3-DBe equipped to win the purity war—from a thorough presentation of Scripture, church history and from Dr. Jim Cecy’s four decades of ministry. With great sensitivity, biblical clarity, and pastoral passion, he presents:

  • The need for personal purity in an immoral world.
  • The fallacy of the “new morality”— the old immorality with a new name.
  • God’s design for sex as an expression of His oneness.
  • The steps down to the devastating results of moral failure.
  • The lines of defense in the daily battle with immorality.
  • How to guard your mind, your body and each other.
  • How to be made right with God, yourself and others.
  • How to start a revival of purity that lasts for generations.

Jim Cecy Portrait2Includes a detailed Study Guide and an extensive Personal Accountability Program for personal reflection or group study. This book is really two books under one cover: 250 pages of content and a 150-page Study Guide with detailed helps.

To purchase the book in English and other translations, click on this linkhttps://www.puritywar.com/buy-the-book/

Hundreds of thousands of your fellow strugglers on five continents have attended the live seminars. Countless others have listened to the audio presentations. Now you can study for yourself the well-tested tool for becoming an Ambassador of Purity in your home, your church and your community, regardless of where you live.


Men In Action – Equipping Men to Lead in the Home, the Church, and the Community

Men: want to take a deeper step in your relationship with God and learn what it means to be the leader God wants you to be in your home, marriage, work, and church? If so, this workbook will walk you through the different aspects of leadership.  God is calling men to be Men of God, Mighty Men of Valor, and Men in Action.  He desires they be Servant-Leaders.  Click on this link for more information about this in depth study book:  puritywar.com/buy the book  




  1. Liwliwa Bruno

    Hi Jim,

    I’m Liw, a christian, 22 and recently started my career. I have a christian boy friend. We’ve been a long time best friend and finally we moved to the next level. He is a very attracted man. He is responsible, strong, faithful man. Our relationship is close to perfect. We are in the same line of career. We have a stable job, we are both CPA. In fact, we are working in the biggest Audit firms in our country. But, the lust of the world is trying to corrupt our relationship. I witness how impurity ruins the relationship. How it robs innocence and steal the joy of it. Your book has been a great help to us. Though, it’s way too mature for us, we were guided accordingly and we advance our armor when we will be in that stage. It’s been just months that I have purchased your book, I can see the big change. Really big change, and it brings us closer and joyful. We’ve come up with rules that is tailored from your book. This was a very serious problem we had for years, even when we are in the friend stage. My insecurity was lessen dramatically. 🙂 I understand the things that should be and should not be in our relationship. I found out what God wants to teach me before turning to the next page of my life. Self-control. I need it in every aspect of my life not only in our relationship. I learned to control my emotion, anger, my desire on material things. I learned to discipline my self. I can’t believe that this book will teach me this things. It only deals with one area yet it affects my whole life. This was the answer when I was so down and desperately waiting from God’s direction on answer why I failed my first take on the exam, why I can’t find the job that I longed. I have been rejected on the firm that I wanted to work. After finding out the lesson God wants to teach me, He directed me to my job, better one and I love it. I learned patience. I can’t forget that phrase, “patience is a form of worship” and the PUSH acronym Pray Until Something Happens. I also end up encouraging my friend who is also waiting for her job application result. I understand why I failed the first time. Thank you Jim for this book. God bless you. 😛

  2. Tyler Fremming

    Hello Jim,

    I am currently a small group leader up at our Church here in Milpitas California (Christ Community Church Milpitas), and just wanted to say thank you Jim for creating the “Emotions: God’s Energizer’s” series. I know this is the purity war page, but it seemed like someplace I could sound off. Several of the folks in our study mentioned they have not studied emotions in this way as God given tools, and they are really enjoying your teachingl. Typically folks are used to discussing emotions only in passing as a side-note to another focus. Such as – By the way don’t forget that:

    Your god is a JEALOUS god.
    LOVE your neighbor.
    Be ANGRY and do not sin.

    The most airtime pure emotions have gotten in my previous studies, is but snippets and side notes of another message. I lead a group of families with young children that I think deals with a lot of anger/frustration in trying to raise children (herd cats) at this age. They have been excited that we are learning how to take the emotion they feel and us it for God’s purpose, rather than stuff it back in a box. Not only for anger, but folks have been mentioning how excited they are for upcoming sections to make use of jealously, loneliness, etc.

    So to sum it all up: Thank you, from my Jen and I as well as our small group.

    Tyler & Jennifer Fremming

  3. Jim Cecy

    I am so pleased that I was actually able to hand-carry a copy of the Purity War book to Debbie while I was in London. After I signed and handed her a book she gave me a big hug. Talk about “special delivery.”

  4. Jim Cecy

    Thank you, Debbie. We are working on our European distribution. I will be in London in May and hope to have some good news for you and others in Europe on how to order printed copies with less shipping cost. Please stay in touch. Jim

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