missle launchI am here in Kiev, Ukraine, gathered with hundreds of Russian-speaking delegates from Eastern Europe. It is a joy to meet old friends, including one pastor who is a former Soviet scientist, detecting NATO submarines. He is now a key leader in helping develop a strategy for launching even more effective ministries to reach this part of the world for Christ. Another is a former member of the Soviet Air Force who, at one time, had his finger on missiles pointed to the West. Both are born-again believers and pastors committed to help people come to peace with God through a personal relationship to Jesus Christ. They are now a part of the army of God, meeting here with others to improve their methods for presenting the love of God around the world

The Eastern European Leadership Forum recognized that they need to gather, not just to discuss new strategies for winning souls, but to be re-fueled themselves. That’s one of the reasons they invited me here. I do not speak Russian nor am I qualified to discuss with these brilliant spiritual leaders any new evangelistic methods. I am simply here to remind them of an old method and a proven strategy. I am here to remind them of the need for Christian leaders to live lives of integrity, purity and holiness as an effective witness to Christ’s transforming power in an immoral world. I am here to remind them that an ungodly world will never be won to Christ by an ungodly Church. And I am writing to remind all of us—here in the East, the West, North and South—just how effective this old gospel paradigm really is. May our renewed commitment to personal purity and holiness be the real launching pad for presenting the gospel to a needy world. “Five – Four – Three – Two – One! Ignition! Blast Off!”