I"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.t is no surprise, being in a convention hall with hundreds of ministry leaders from forty countries, to hear the words, “Let me introduce you to…” In fact, I spent most of the time at lunch doing just that, as I presented one ministry partner from one country with a friend from another country. Connecting people who may soon become dear friends and partners in the gospel is such a joy.

At dinner, I had the honor of introducing one of our church’s pastoral interns to a dear friend and one of the faculty of the Cambridge Leadership Network, which is designed to equip young PhD students and emerging leaders to stand for their faith in the academic community. I watched as this brilliant scholar reached out his welcoming hand to this starry-eyed student. It thrilled my heart to be the tool by which they made a connection. I stood back and just smiled as this young man beamed with the knowledge that this master-teacher now knew his name and welcomed him to attend this summer. All of this was so easy for me—and so very important to him. All I did was introduce one friend to another!

As I reflect, I see this brief encounter as an allegory. Isn’t this what evangelism is all about? Are we not called by God to be the tool to introduce people to the Savior? Do our hearts not long to experience the joy of seeing the beam in a new convert’s eyes as he or she comes to fuller knowledge of our Friend, the Master-Teacher, who not only knows his or her name now but knew it before the foundation of the world? Are we not to pray often that the Lord of the Harvest would stir us to be a vessels by which needy people and their Holy God get connected and start a ministry partnership and an eternal friendship?

Perhaps it’s time we “made the rounds” among our many acquaintances. “Hello, friend. I know we know each other but let me introduce you to another Friend, Jesus, the Lamb of God and the Lord of Glory. I am excited about both of you getting to know each other. Let me tell you more about Him…”

With practice, this can become easy for us—and so very important to them!