Karon and I (and our host, Pastor Freddie Roberson) spent the day yesterday traveling south of London to the famous White Cliffs of Dover, at the south-eastern tip of England. As a former U.S. Navy sailor I loved watching the ships come into one of the busiest ports in the world. I was surprised to learn that over 2,000 ships lay at the bottom of these dangerous waters. As an arm-chair historian, I could not help but think of the many air battles that occurred over these shores, especially during the Battle of Britain in World War II. My mind also reflected on the amazing engineering it took to build the Channel Tunnel (also called the Chunnel), extending over thirty miles to the shores of France, mostly under the waters of the English Channel. However, what got my utmost attention were the white chalky cliffs, some which are over 350 feet high. Simply remarkable. Honestly breathtaking.

Here in Great Britain these majestic white cliffs have great symbolic value. They face across the English Channel, the narrowest body of water towards what the Brits call “Continental Europe.” In their minds these sea cliffs represent the historic guard-posts against a series of invasions. They are also the emotional first or last sight of “Mother England.” (I can still remember the emotion my parents’ generation felt hearing Vera Lynn sing, “There’ll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover…”)

Here we are on the last full day of our Europe 2014 Ministry Trip. (Rather than re-cap the amazing things God did, I encourage you to read our past articles from Day #1 on May 21 to today at:

We began this journey in Continental Europe, trusting God would mightily use all of us who gathered in Poland to help equip over 700 key evangelical leaders from over forty countries in Europe. We now end this journey in England, trusting that what He allowed us do with churches and pastors here in South London will also bear much fruit.

As we reflect on our view of the White Cliffs of Dover and the faint view of the shores of Continental Europe in the distance, we are praying that God would be pleased to use our time spent on both sides of the English Channel to help our fellow Christians form a guard-post against the pan-European invasion of atheism and skepticism. We are also praying that what we have done has truly been to the glory of Father God—not Mother England or any other country—or, for that matter, any earthly inhabitant on any continent. To Him alone be all the glory! On to Fresno and to further adventures on the other side of “The Pond” (i.e. The Atlantic).